Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto

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    Florida Today - August 7, 2011

    A requirement during any trip to Italy is the consumption of massive amounts of gelato. Link

  • La Cucina Italiana

    La Cucina Italiana - August 1, 2011

    The closest thing to traditional-tasting gelato we found at the store. Link

  • The Nibble

    The Nibble - July 19, 2011

    Fruit ices are thousands of years old, dating back to ancient China. But gelato, the first type of ice cream (see below for the difference between the two), is comparatively recent. It likely dates to Florence, Italy in the late 16th century. Link

  • The Nibble

    The Nibble - July 18, 2011

    Why should you be grateful to Bernardo Buontalenti? Born in Florence, Italy around 1531, he was a genius: painter, sculptor (he studied under Michelangelo), architect to the Medici royal court, theatrical designer and military engineer. Link

  • AOL Kitchen Daily

    AOL Kitchen Daily - July 5, 2011

    When it comes to ice cream and frozen desserts, the KitchenDaily editors drive a hard bargain (see the comments in the aforementioned taste tests for proof). We’re picky about depth of flavor, creaminess and texture, so it’s not often we unanimously worship one particular brand. Link

  • Southern Living

    Southern Living - July 1, 2011

    Try one of our Test Kitchen favorites. Link

  • Redbook

    Redbook - July 1, 2011

    Happy July, everyone! It’s National Ice Cream Month, which is quite fitting around here, as holiday-weekend weather in New York City makes me want to stick my head in the freezer. Link

  • Food & Wine

    Food & Wine - July 1, 2011

    Today, an amazing gelato maker, Talenti came to the F&W office with 18 flavors for us to sample. Link

  • Supermarket Guru

    Supermarket Guru - June 29, 2011

    This product is a HIT! If you are looking for a new ice cream flavor check out this Sea Salt Caramel with pieces of chocolate gelato. Link

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